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Diagnosis -- Ulnar Nerve Palsy

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  • Diagnosis -- Ulnar Nerve Palsy

    Quick question folks:

    I joined the National Guard back on July 27th and am supposed to ship to basic on October 29th.

    My forearm/hand have had sever numbness and loss of strength (can't grip a steering wheel or start the car with my right hand). I'm seeing a neurologist tomorrow per my general physician who diagnosed it as Ulnar Nerve Palsy. Having a nerve conduction test performed to check the damage, potential causes, and what steps are needed to rectify the situation. My Cadre has been informed of the initial findings, but that is it so far.

    I'm just curious what the next steps are or thoughts on the matter. I've heard it can be fixed through therapy or in worse cases, nerve surgery. Not being able to function normally in every-day life has me a little bummed out to say the least. Will I be discharged from service?


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    Re: Diagnosis -- Ulnar Nerve Palsy

    Well, since you haven't been to BCT, you'll likely fall under the medical standards set for applicants versus the retention standards for current Soldiers . It states in the Medical Standards DoDi 6130.03 that any nerve paralysis or weakness of the upper extremities is a disqualification. Now, with that being said, the best case scenario I see is that you are able to postpone your ship date, have your surgery, recover, and attend training later. I'm not aware of any suspensions for getting a waiver on this particular medical issue. However, I would encourage you to be prepared for needing a waiver which would mean a possible investigation and/or discharge. I really hope that's not the case, but this sounds like a serious medical issue with future ramifications for your physical wellness.

    Make sure to keep all your medical documents and stay in contact with your Cadre. Good luck!


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      Re: Diagnosis -- Ulnar Nerve Palsy

      Thanks RyCass.

      I have a nerve conduction test scheduled for next week. Neurologist said today it sounds like nerve entrapment and at some point surgery will be required to move the nerve to a new location in the arm. As of now, any repetitive motion can cause this nerve to not move freely in the channel, possibly due to scar tissue from a 20 year old fracture in my elbow. So, push-ups are a no go at the moment and even the swaying of the arms while running is frowned upon while it is recovering...