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pushup problem

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  • pushup problem

    I just had a quick question. Everytime I do pushups no matter what type (wide, normal, military) my arms give out before anything else, and i hardly even feel it in my chest. I do have fairly long arms so i don't know if thats the only reason or if something else is up. Any suggestions?

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    Re: pushup problem

    It might depend what level of pus up you are doing have you tried first doing a beginners push up in a box positon


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      Re: pushup problem

      Check out Staff SGT Ken's videos on push-up, to see if you are doing them properly at


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        Re: pushup problem

        First, how many push ups can you do before this happens? If you are maxing out the pushups with 80+reps in 2 minutes and have good form and then you experience this then its a non issue. If this is happening after 30 then we can discuss what could be the problem.

        I only say this because the intensity of where I feel the push up works changes for me from time to time. When I first joined 9 years ago at 17 I felt it in my tricepts and shoulders and not much in my chest. After a few years I didn't feel it at all in my arms or my chest, when I reached muscle failure it felt like everything reached the endpoint at once, but the next day my lats would be sore(weird). Now I feel a little sore in my chest the next day but nothing in my triceps, shoulders or lats. I've always maxed the push ups since I joined, so it really is a non issue for me why things change or are they way they are. If you are in this same boat then I say drive on and keep doing what you are doing.


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          Re: pushup problem

          This is too easy. Either go to a gym and and blast your biceps, deltoids and triceps there or buy a set of dumbells and do it at home.

 BICEPS: Alternating curls, hammer curls, concentration curls.

 DELTOIDS: Front, rear, side.



          Building your traps helps balance out your upper body. Without traps your body will have that weird flat tabletop look when you build up your delts and arms.

          REMEMBER: Your goal should be endurance moreso than size. Use a weight that would be more comfortable for you to perform each exercise with high reps and low to moderate weight.
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