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RSP Boot Issue

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  • RSP Boot Issue

    I received my pair of RSP boots 2 drills ago, I tried them on unlaced, and they felt fine. Stood in formation for a period of time and I find that the right boot appears to be of a smaller size (width wise) then the right, which fits perfect.
    These are the standard issues boots, I find that the right outermost side of my foot has immense pressure against the side of my foot. The boot side is 10R for both.
    My concern is that when I go to basic next month, they will issue me a 10R and I have have the same problem, should I opt for the 10W?
    How much of a difference is it, I do not want my left foot to be too loose because of the width issue.
    Looking for some insight as, that boot is fairly painful, I thought perhaps I just had to break it in, but I have worn them for several hours outside of drill in attempts to break them in, but it still hurts just the same.
    Thank you for the help.

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    Your boots are too small, period. When you go to BCT ask for 10W at the boot issue. You can always lace the left boot tighter. When breaking in your boots, or if you will be on your feet all day in issued boots, I highly suggest wearing your black socks under your green socks, It will cut down on foot pain and blisters.
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      Okay, I do just that. I was not sure if this was a common issue. Should I request to have the boots changed for RSP to a 10W once I get back, or will I just be handing those back in anyway? Thanks


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        You will usually turn in your RSP boots back tot he RSP unit. When at BCT they will have you try on a couple sizes, when you figure what fits, then they will hand you two will keep those so when you return from BCT or AIT, you will have your broken in boots from training. RSP will not issue you an additional pair when you return. If they are a bit loose, apply moleskin to the inside of the BOOT, will help prevent heel blisters. I did not have a single blister at BCT due to this invesntion. Some recruits applied it firectly to their heel and when they tried to remove it, especially the ones who already had blisters on their heel, were not to happy with what happened next.