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  • Prescription eyepro

    I should start this post by saying I'm an officer. That often changes what supply will issue me and what they won't.

    That being said, I'm looking for some prescription eye protection. Normally, I just wear my issued BCGs to shoot M-16 qualification, but they aren't really ballistic eye protection. And they provide no protection from the sun, and actually generally make the Alabama sun worse with glare, etc. I have never been issued the BCG sunglasses. And when the safety officer at the range notices that I'm not wearing real eyepro, I've had to wear ballistic eyepro AND BCGs at the same time. Trying to keep two sets of glasses on your face at the same time makes actually firing the weapon difficult to say the least, but I have never failed to qualify first time.

    Can Guard officers get supply to issue them ballistic eyepro with prescription lenses/inserts?

    If not, what's everybody's favorite prescription eyepro downrange, so I can buy my own? I'd prefer to have something I can take into the fight if I ever have to go. Simultaneous eyepro/BCG action would be extremely inconvenient.

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    I do not know during a MOB if you are able to get the eye wear you are requesting. I am based on an active duty installation and able to go get them on post. I do not know if you have that same privilege but you should call your nearest AD installation for info.


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      The eye pro is nothing but the glasses with inserts attached to them like the pro mask. They aren't actual prescription lenses like you would find in civilian sun glasses.

      The issued glasses are nice. I just wear contacts, even when on deployment.


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        I was referring to the inserts that people wear with their regular ballistic eye wear. So to be explicit and for the record, I have never seen any eyepro that comes in Oakley flavor that is specially prescribed for the Soldier.