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  • Correct name tapes

    When you are issued all your stuff during reception, you recieve 5 name tapes, 3 branch tapes, and 3 flags. The problem I am having is that I'd like to order extra name tapes but my OCD prevents me from having different fonts. Example the ones from USCAV are bolded, the ones from USPATRIOT the letters are too close together, etc. I cannot find a place for me to buy the exact same kind of nametapes I was issued. Does anybody know where I can get them? Again I know they all work, I just don't want them to be different from the ones I was already issued.

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    Extra name tapes for what? I have different tapes with different fonts and sometimes the best place to get the tapes that you are looking for is at your base alterations. I do not know if you back at your home state or by an Army post. But you can get new ones when you get to AIT.

    But a good place to get them online is at


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      As long as the name matches the US Army on the individual ACU shirt, I wouldn't worry about it. If you want all the shirts to match each other, then you might need to ditch the ones you have and start over.

      Another source:


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        The font used on the name tapes is Franklin Gothic Condensed. It's just a big deal to me because I hate being different. Different meaning if there is a difference between me and the soldier next to me in a formation, then I'm gonna be annoyed that I'm not like him or her. Do you know what I'm getting at?


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          Btw both of those websites you posted, the font is bolded.


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            I know what you're saying and that has always bothered me as well.

            I recently bought some at the base near my house, and they matched the issued ones I got at Basic. The people in Clothing & Sales told me get them from an outside vendor...I'm not sure which one.


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              create an account at and order from there in the clothing sales section of the web site. They are the closest i can find.