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  • asu at prom

    im doing the split option and i would have my asu during prom can i wear it to prom and would i get in trouble if i do

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    If you've been to BCT, yes, you can wear your ASU, Now, do you want to look like "that" guy? Basically, you are going to be wearing a blue suit with little/no bling what-so-ever. 1 or 2 ribbons, maybe a qual badge, but that's it.


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      Whether something is allowed by law and regulation is a different question than whether it's a good idea ... which are both different questions than whether you'll implement it right. Thus, while wearing your ASU to the prom is allowed by law & regulation, you've got to decide whether it's a good idea. Then, if you do decide to wear it, you must wear it properly. I strongly encourage you to raise this issue with your RSP leadership. At the very least get an NCO there to do a uniform inspection a month prior (so you have time to fix any deficiencies).

      Some promgoers have been known to behave in a less-than-ideal manner: underage drinking, fighting, treating women poorly, debauchery, generalized boorish behavior. You may have met such people in the past. Anyone in uniform will generate attention and scrutiny, so if you so much as mispronounce a word others will focus on that, and you will disgrace the service (which is totally not your intention, I know). Unless you can behave as the model of decorum and grace, and resist temptations from your fellow students, rent a tux.


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        thanks that actually helped alot


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          Not to mention the presence of phone cameras to record said debauchery, with instant posting to social networks. Entire groups are devoted to those photos - hilarious if it's someone else - devastating if it's you.

          In following some of your other posts, you have asked about "ranking up" and when you get ribbons and medals. You will garner the right kind of attention to yourself with restraint and level-headed thinking. Be smart, always do the right thing, and "only do what your rank can handle."

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        Aren't proms in JUNE?


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          Originally posted by Chris36 View Post
          Aren't proms in JUNE?
          IIRC mine was end of April or first week of May. But that was also 10 years ago. OP is probably just thinking ahead.

          OP, I don't recommend wearing the ASU or ACU for that matter any more than is required. I know right now it seems really cool and a big accomplishment (it is), I was a split op too, but when you look back on memories like these you will be glad you were not "that guy." I'm sure you still wear your dog tags 24/7 too huh? Rent a nice tux and enjoy being a teenager in high school.