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Uniform Reg Question

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  • Uniform Reg Question

    Alright, so I am heading to the Nuclear Test Site in Nevada for some Army related training, I had the paperwork signed by my CoC, and my access card while there will have me listed as military, they have told me that I don't have to wear my uniform while attending, because I am not on orders, I am just taking "strongly recommended" army related training from FEMA and DHS.

    Now, on the flight. I do not want to wear my uniform. I think I personally look like "That guy", you know the one who demands military discounts, and tells every girl that he's in the Army. (Wearing your uniform to/from places is different than me flying from CA to Vegas lol)

    However. I had surgery on my foot. I have a pins and screws in both of my ankles, that when going through metal detectors won't go off, but when going through the scanners (The one that are like a silhouette on a screen) I get sent to the pat down because it detects something in my ankles.

    TSA policy is that when traveling in uniform you only have to go through the metal detector, thus eliminating the chance of a secondary screening.

    Should I fly in uniform or just suck it up and deal with the reach around?

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    Re: Uniform Reg Question

    Reach around


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      Re: Uniform Reg Question

      Do the screws/pins protrude from your ankle? There's no way you would have to get a full body pat down for one spot on your ankle.


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        Re: Uniform Reg Question

        I think if he has the screws permanently sticking out; he would have not been eligible for military service.


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          Re: Uniform Reg Question

          Originally posted by dva5222 View Post
          they have told me that I don't have to wear my uniform while attending, because I am not on orders,
          Looks like you already know the answer.

          Depending on your airport, the TSA does have some lanes for military personnel, whether in uniform or not.