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Fort Sill, OK (All things related)

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  • Fort Sill, OK (All things related)

    This sticky is for all things related to Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

    Discuss when you're leaving or what you experienced, etc.

    Absolutely no discussion of other Forts. Use the other stickies. Do not bash Fort Sill or anyone that is going or graduating. No one cares which is harder or why it's harder, just keep it to the above curriculum. Hold yourself in a professional manner while in here.

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    Heading to Fort Sill 20090421. Just over two weeks away. Honestly nerves have not set in yet, I'm still feeling excited. I know there are a few here who are shipping to Sill on the same day. Post up!


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      fort sill

      I ship 04/20/2009 nerves arent kicking in yet we did front leaning rest position at RSP I was 3rd even though the others had thier asses humping the ground. I'm a little oldier so the head games wont be a big issue and I can already score in the 70s and 80s on my PFT in all categories.


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        Booker, what is the scheduled start date of your training? I ship 20090421, with a scheduled training start date of 20090427.


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          As I mentioned in other threads, I just got back from BCT at Fort Sill and I am happy to answer any questions you folks have.

          Take care,


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            04272009 is my start date as well skinny white boy with alot of tattoos


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              I won't be shipping out there until the end of may, I'm really looking forward to it. Anybody have any word on when it'll be coed? I'm hoping it will be sometime until after I finish BCT, nothing against women but training should be a bit more intense, thus better.


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                tick tock tick tock, in about a week and half, am getting the fear, about everything, worried, afraid, want things go perfect without problems, hope everything goes well and hope everything go well for everyone going there too, its going be fun


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                  Totally normal, just keep working out and eating right. Have you memorized the 3 General orders, army song, rank structure, etc.?

                  This will help ease the shock when you get to the 95th (reception) and guys are stressed about getting those down.

                  Good luck!


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                    Yep just a few days left. Still not really stressed about the training itself, but definitely feeling the stress and worry about leaving the faimly. Im good on the general orders, not bad on rank structure, horrible with the Army song though, really havent even studied it at all, and we dont cover it in RSP whatsoever. I know what I'm doing on the flight over, lol.


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                      This is the only section we ever sang, from Reception to Graduation day. The song is quite a bit longer but we never sang the whole thing.

                      First to fight for the right,
                      And to build the Nation’s might,
                      And The Army Goes Rolling Along
                      Proud of all we have done,
                      Fighting till the battle’s won,
                      And the Army Goes Rolling Along.

                      Then it’s Hi! Hi! Hey!
                      The Army’s on its way.
                      Count off the cadence loud and strong (TWO! THREE!)
                      For where e’er we go,
                      You will always know
                      That The Army Goes Rolling Along.



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                        Ship out to FT. Sill 20090707.
                        Sounds like its gonna be unbearbly hot.
                        dont know to much about the history their so feel free to hit me back with some of your stories!


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                          I ship out 20090617.


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                            Hey if you guys need any tips or any info about for Ft Sill just PM me. I know a bit about it and what its like in the horrible heat. I went there August 12th through October 24th 2008. So I was there for pretty much all of the extremes Ft Sill has to offer.


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                              Looks like "Krahn" has your summer info. covered and I have the winter.

                              No matter the weather, the veggie omelette is still crap.