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BCT Graduation Date

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  • BCT Graduation Date

    I ship out to Fort Sill 20130916 and am scheduled to start training on 20130923. If you count out 9 weeks 4 days from September 23 it is Thanksgiving. Does anybody know if graduation/family day would be on Thanksgiving/black friday or would it be moved? If so would it be moved back or forward? The reason I am asking is my family would like to make arrangements to see me graduate and traveling for a holiday weekend can get booked fast if you don't plan in advance.

    I asked my recruiter and he wasn't sure so any information you guys might be able to provide would be great. Thank you.

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    Re: BCT Graduation Date

    That question is best answered when you get to Reception or when you get to your actual BCT Unit. However from personal experience, I did goto Sill during the holidays and Thanksgiving will not "count" as days. So my best educated guess is your graduation will be the weekend after Thanksgiving, but again don't take that as biblical truth.


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      Re: BCT Graduation Date

      Concentrate on the task at hand. BCT is not something to look over. Invest in stamps, pens and envelopes. Send them a letter in the mail when you know the exact date. Until that point, concentrate on the task at hand. They'll have plenty of hotel rooms available.