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  • Ship date 20130604

    Hello everyone,

    I just got accepted to the Guard as a O9S and awaiting for my ship date on Jun 04, 2013. I have read all the tips and advice from the other threads, so I think they already covered everything. However, is the anything new that I need to know?

    For the physical training, I am an Asian guy, 5"8 and 135lbs (I know I am skinny), and I consider myself not a gym-type person. To prepare for the BT, I try to run everyday at least 2 miles (took me 30 mins, but Minnesota is cold) and do a lot of push-up (like >100) everyday. What should I do to prepare better for BT?

    Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to make new friends at Fort Sill

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    Re: Ship date 20130604

    Personally, I focused on PT more than anything else. I made sure that I was running more than 2 miles(since you will be doing group runs that are further than 2 miles anyway). I did plenty of sit-ups and push-ups, along with other core exercise to help the core overall. Make sure you're doing sprints as well, this has always helped me improve my running. I do 30-60s or 60-120s (sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 60, repeat at least 5 times), as well as fartlek(It means "speed play" in swedish. Interval training. So you will run at a jogging pace, then speed the pace up for a certain distace or time, and just alternate speeds). Whether you are just running, or doing sprints, make sure you are pushing yourself. Don't just run 3 miles every other day and leave at that. Keep progressing in your fitness. Give yourself a PT test every couple weeks, and set goals. You will be amazed at how much easier your time at BCT will be if you are able to pass the PT test without a problem.

    On top of PT, make sure you're studying the basics. Rank structure, facing movements, marching, etc. You will get yelled at a LOT less if you know these things going in.

    Best of luck! Keep us updated on progress.

    Also, look up the PT score charts. You'll have to run your two mile in around 16 minutes (depending on your age), it's good way to set your first goal!


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      Re: Ship date 20130604

      As an Officer Candidate, you're going to be expected to run A LOT. Start running 4-5 miles at least twice a week, and work on getting your 2 mile time down. You'll do a lot of pushups, etc. during Basic when you get smoked, but running is where Officers make their money, so be prepared for a lot of it.