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  • 13f

    13f, anyone?

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    Re: 13f

    I looked at it, but I'd put 11B & 11C up infront of it. and 12B infront of all of them, the closest 12B to me is 297 miles away though =/


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      Re: 13f

      I am a 13F in the Guard. I'm not sure what your question is or what other options you are considering but I will try to help with some info.

      13F is a very cool MOS...when you actually do it...which can be rare in the Guard. During AIT you will get to call in Artillery strikes which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. At my unit I got to call in Mortars during one of our drills, and even got to go fire some mortars myself (hanging and actually dropping them in the tube). It was definitely the coolest experience I've had in the military.

      But like I said, actually doing your job as a 13F (calling in mortars, artillery, etc...) in the Guard is kinda rare. Unless your unit is expecting to deploy, you probably won't do it very often. So you can't go wrong with 13F. 11B or 19D wouldn't be bad either, but you'll get to do a lot of the same stuff they do since 13F's are usually attached to them. I guarantee most 11B's or 19D's will never get to call in arty or mortar strikes.

      If you really wanna go the cool route, just go Active Duty. If not, then 13F in the Guard won't be too bad either. Good Luck.


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        Re: 13f

        Yup....shipping 20130910. When you guys headed out?


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          I can final tell people what a fister does