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    Re: 12Y - Geospatial Engineer


    My son is starting this training in a couple of weeks and has some questions. Will he be able to have things like a radio and guitar? Will he be able to take leave over Thanksgiving and Christmas? Will he be able to get weekend passes so I can visit on weekends?



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    Please keep in mind that my answers are based on what Echo Company was doing when I left there in May of this year, but to answer your questions:

    Do people still own radios? Do you mean like an MP3? If so, yes, everyone can have their electronic devices from the get go during personal time. They are not allowed to have it after lights out or on them during the school day.

    Thanksgiving leave...probably, depends on what their current policy is for that. When I left, they were stopping all passes for holidays and weekends because people were #1 abusing the system and #2 getting in to trouble. I was told by one of the Platoon Sgts that when it started up again everyone would be limited to 1 pass for their entire stay at AIT. Everyone gets 2 weeks of holiday block leave for Christmas however.

    As for weekend passes, see above.


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      Thanks for the info! He graduates tomorrow from Ft Benning and ships to Lt Leonard Wood on Friday, so I'm hoping we'll be able to spend some time together. I hope he can find out about Thanksgiving pretty quickly, since it will be getting hard to get plane tickets the closer it gets to Thanksgiving.