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Completing BCT and AIT at FLW!

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  • Completing BCT and AIT at FLW!

    Hey all,

    Im shipping to FLW on 20130807 as a 12Y. Im from the north east section of the country, so I pretty much understand the climate will be nothing like what I am used to.. and since Ill be there for 7.5 months, Ill get to experience it all lol. I have a few questions though....

    1) Anyone know what will happen in that time between graduation and the start of AIT? My paperwork says theres a 4 day gap in between, but does that mean I can go off base with my family for a few days after I graduate? Then return before Day 1 of AIT?

    2) *I know it varies, but...* Does anyone have a window of time that Exodus happens at FLW? Its a lot of travel back to Philly and I wonder if that will eat up my time at home..

    3) Has anyone seen a packing list for AIT? I have the one for basic, given to me at RSP, but I wonder how different they are... since I am not going to a different base to train for 12Y. Can I have my laptop? A camera? My cellphone? Ect... And if so... can my family bring these things for me at the time of graduation?

    4) I have heard about the ticks. ... Is it okay to wear stockings under the uniform, as to keep these buggers away? I know there is no sure fire way to do this... but a pair of nylons seperating my skin from these ticks would be a mental thing lol

    5) Any 12Ys here???? I wish the AIT was still in Ft Belvoir VA ... soo close to home. But alas, we will be in MO. Anyone graduate from that MOS here? Any advice or info on the classes.

    Soooo manyyy questions.
    Thanks in advance