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Basic and AIT for MP at fort leonard wood?

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  • Basic and AIT for MP at fort leonard wood?

    I just have some question. I have been googling things about Fort Leonard Wood and its all from like 5 years ago i want something alittle more current. Hows basic and ait differ from like how much freedom you have; Like uses of cell phones, phone calls, and over night passes?

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    Re: Basic and AIT for MP at fort leonard wood?

    Initially, all companies will have their own little different policies. I was in 1 company and talked to a few guys from somewhere else and they mentioned the treatment was way different then from what we got.

    In my experience though: 1 phone call at reception, the "i made it safe" one that lasts 30 seconds. 5 minute with phones a few weeks later. 10 minutes next few weeks. and 1 more 10 minute near the end. That was all in basic. In ait we got to keep our phones, however they are not to be used during training or during lights out. Anyone caught = we all get the shaft. We didn't get overnight passes period.

    As far as freedom, it progresses. Obviously the first few weeks u get 0 trust from anyone. In white phase we were trusted to walk ourselves to church. Blue phase we got to do PT on our own after training hours. That was basic. In ait we usually got passes for the day after training or weekends after the bay was all cleaned up.

    But like i said before, it all varies. You get more trust from both ait and basic if you have a good platoon and keep your **** together.