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  • OSUT Preperation

    Hello Everybody,

    I enlisted about five months ago as a 12B Combat Engineer and I am very excited and nervous to leave for OSUT after I graduate high school! My current ship date is June 26,2013. I go to drill every month and just love to be around and be a part of the military! I am working out very hard to try and get a 300+ APFT score, so far I'm around 250 and 280! I was wondering what it takes to become honor grad for OSUT?Is there any awards I can earn at training? Also what is graduation like for OSUT?


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    Re: OSUT Preperation

    Hey! I will also be at FLW for OSUT... well its not called that technically but Ill be there for basic and AIT. Im leaving at the end of summer though... 20130807, so we wont be in the same class. I dont have any of these answers for you lol.. I am wondering the same things actually and wanted to introduce myself.

    Have you heard anything about that little time between BCT graduation and the first day of AIT? I think I have a 4 day lapse in time.. so I wanted to know if we would be allowed to leave base and spend time with family?? Ugh.. I cant find anything that talks about that specifically..


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      Re: OSUT Preperation

      Well you're probably full of questions. I attended 12B OSUT in 2009. It sounds like you are taking good steps to prepare. I can offer a few tips that I wish I had known before leaving.

      1. If you take in any form of nicotine, stop.
      2. Run. Run. Then run more. My company ran everywhere.
      3. Load down a rucksack with 50-75 pounds of weight and go for a long walk.
      4. Shrink your stomach. You will not be given much time to eat at meals. Get used to eating faster and less than what you are used to.
      5. Do not try and be the alpha male. There will be 4736272829 other privates there all licking the drill sergeants boots and trying to be the leader. Concentrate on keeping yourself and your battle buddy squared away. And do not seek attention or kudos for doing so. The drill sergeants will notice this.

      The honor graduate position is for the most high speed private. Be high speed. Do what you are supposed to do. Maintain a good appearance and military demeanor. Be respectful. But don't kiss the Drill Sergeants butt. Do not seek attention.