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  • Re-entry

    I will be shipping the 24th of July for Ft Leonard Wood. I was formally in the SC NG enlisted as a 09S Officer Candidate, but due to some issues with my college and guard I was discharged. I reenlisted with the NC guard with the intentions to attend and finish OCS but I have a 31B MOS.
    I completed BCT at Ft Jackson while enlisted with the SCNG in Nov 2008 and am wondering what I should expect when I ship to Ft Leonard Wood.
    I am hearing different things; one is that I will attach to a BCT Company about 5-6 weeks in to re-qualify with my weapon and APFT and attend AIT with that same company after they graduate BCT. I also heard that I can expect to be treated as prior service member not having much contact with the other soldiers in my company, and I have also heard that I shouldnt be suprised if I have to re-do basic all over again. (which would ****).
    I have read many forums and I am getting mixed stories, I would just like to know what to expect when I get there as well as know how long I will be gone for employment/and marital reasons.

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    Re: Re-entry

    What did your recruiter tell you when you asked him these questions?


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      Re: Re-entry

      He told me that I will most likely attach to a Company 5-6 weeks in, and he hasnt steered me wrong in any step of my process in re-enlistment BUT when same topic has come up with other recruiters I have heard different things. I just would like to be 100% sure of what is going on.


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        Re: Re-entry

        When I got off the bus at Fort LeonardWood; they asked me if I was prior service. I said yes and they placed me in another area. Also, the documents you have in your folder, will validate that.

        They will look at your file and make the determination. Either way, you will do PT and APFT (I took two of them during the 2 month 31B reclass course). Also, weapons qual was with 9MM and we drew our rifles when we went to the field.

        Good luck.


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          Re: Re-entry

          Thanks you, hopefully it all works out with no hiccups.


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            jjramirez0714, This is a very old thread but your situation is very similar to my current disposition. I completed BCT 2 years ago, 09S, and I'm going to AIT for 31B soon. How did it go for you? How did your AIT experience differ from BCT in terms of intensity of the training?


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              NY ARNG Woodard. The OP has not visited the forums since JUL 2012, so I doubt you will be getting an answer any time soon.