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Leaving for Basic this month.....scared out of my mind

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  • Leaving for Basic this month.....scared out of my mind

    I leave for basic this month, I am very nervous about what it is going to be like. Is there anybody who can tell me what to be prepared for and all that good stuff. I have never been out of touch for so long, not sure if I can do the two miles on the pt test. Will I get better with time ? I don't want to make it to far to fail.

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    Dont stress about it to much, if i were you i would start running now until a few days before you leave for basic. I ship off myself March 18th to Fort Jackson. Where are you heading?


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      Start running, do pushups and sit-ups now. Have you been to any RSP drills? Go ahead and learn general orders, phonetic alphabet and ranks. Like ccolwell said, don't stress about it too much. I ship March 19 Fort Jackson then straight to Fort Benning for OCS.
      Ccolwell, the OP is probably going to Jackson since this is the Jackson thread.


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        pvtisles, getting in shape before hand will go a long way to making BCT easier. There are a lot of good threads on here about different routines you can follow that will help you on the PT test. But even if you don't follow them here, BCT will get you ready for the final test. You will just have to work harder. By the time it is done and you take the last test you will be more than ready to pass it. So don't sweat that part.

        As for being out of touch with family and friends, you still maintain contact, it is just different than your used to. You can still send and receive letters through the mail, so take paper, envelopes, pre-addressed stickers for the envelopes and lots of stamps. As soon as you get to your unit (not reception) you will get an address that your family can send letters to. Encourage as many people as possible to send letters, mail call will be one of the highlights of the day and so the more people that are sending you mail, the more you will look forward to it.

        BCT is a lot stress and hard work. You will get smoked a lot and they will work you very hard from sun-up to sun-down, but at the end of each day you will feel accomplished and ready for the next day. You will meet people that you will know for the rest of your life, and make some great friends. Take it all in stride, listen to what your told to do, do it and learn all you can and you will succeed.


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          I had problems with my 2 mile run before I went to basic too. I ended up passing it on my first try there, and so will you. Basic training is what you make of it. If you go into it thinking it's going to suck, then it's going to suck. If you try to focus on the positives, then you might actually have fun while your there. So good luck and don't stress about it. It's a lot of hard work, but it's a great experience. You'll miss it once you graduate.