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Leaving after BCT

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  • Leaving after BCT

    I have a quick question regarding the day after graduation. I will be at Jackson and after graduating will not be going to AIT (I am doing OCS and will be returning home). Would I be able to stay in South Carolina after basic to visit family, if I were to purchase a plane ticket home? Or do you have to be on the flight provided? Thanks so much!

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    Re: Leaving after BCT

    When I went a few years ago you didn't have an option after BCT. The only thing I could do was go to the travel office and change my flight so that I was with my family. I wanted to stay and tour the east coast since it was my first time out there.

    Since then I have heard mixed messages. Most people tell me that after BCT you are required to return to your home state and report to your RSP (that is who will then hand you off to the RTI) right after BCT. Others have said that while I was at the travel office I could have delayed my flight by a few days if my RSP didn't mind. But that would have meant working with my recruiter to have it cleared prior to leaving for BCT.

    You can ask your recruiter, they may have more info, but may not as well. 09S can be a rare animal and they may not know since 99% of their recruits head off to AIT and have no other options to consider.


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      Re: Leaving after BCT

      well i dont about how ocs works but after graduation i left to my ait in pov so i suppose you could leave in pov and visit your family