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How much they take from paycheck at BCT?

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  • How much they take from paycheck at BCT?

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I was trying to calculate my active duty pay during BCT and apologize if this was posted elsewhere but I could not find it. How much roughly comes out of your paycheck for all expenses at BCT? Is it 250? More and for what? Thanks all who respond it will help me greatly here.

    If matters I am going in Prior (hence name i guess) E-4 with over 6 years.

    Edit: Okay I guess from my own research it looks like its around $250 if I dont buy the yearbook rings and ****. If thats wrong please leave a post.
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    Re: How much they take from paycheck at BCT?

    I went to Ft. Jackson back late last year.

    The $250 is correct. That's the initial Eagle Cash Card (cash advance on your pay) they'll give you to buy all the goodies at Reception BN. Well I say goodies, the DS will tell you exactly what to buy and what you can't buy.

    Now the rest is dependent upon what unit you land in. In my Company, everyone had a small part taken out of our check for Post Laundry Services (contractor operated). I would have to dig back through my LESs to figure out how much that was, but we were told a small portion was taken out of our paychecks to pay for that. This was not optional, so it was in your best interest to utilize the laundry service vice trying to use the machines in your bay which more often than not were broken lol.


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      Re: How much they take from paycheck at BCT?

      I think they upped the Eagle card to $350 now. Either that or $300, but it is more than $250 now.

      You will hear different things about whether or not you will get the money you didn't spend back. I don't know what is the truth on that because I ended up spending all mine and more. I did end up buying a bunch of crap that I never used though.

      They'll tell you to buy laundry soap, but they never let us wash our own uniforms until the very last week so I didn't really use it much and took it with me to AIT. You will want to DX your uniforms at the end of AIT anyways since they will be kind of trashed and the laundry service they used always staples labels on every piece of clothing they washed, it was really annoying.
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        Re: How much they take from paycheck at BCT?

        MGD, you must of opened about 50 stale threads in 24 hours. Please look at the date of the last post.