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Packing List- Bringing Items That Are NOT Required to Benning

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  • Packing List- Bringing Items That Are NOT Required to Benning

    Hi All- hoping that somebody who's been to Benning for BCT/OSUT recently, or perhaps somebody familiar with the inprocessing and reception, can give me some insight here..

    I want to bring a few items with me to have immediate access to after OSUT- I will be going to Airborne immediately after and then should be following on with the SF pipeline. Items such as books (Ranger Handbook, but also books such as novels for motivation/mental prep, etc), my laptop (for Land Nav program for extra study) and other reference materials like that which I know are not allowed at BCT, but that I wouldn't be able to fly back home to California, pick up between schools, and get back to Benning, or Bragg which is where I'm going after Airborne.

    Does anybody know if they're simply taken and retained, or if I'd be facing serious consequences for showing up to reception with them? Are there any recommendations for trying to have items not allowed at BCT, readily available once I finish BCT?

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    Alright, everyone listen up. Does anyone think they are signing up for summer camp here? Does anyone think they are going to get DS that says, "Alright people, time to update your Facebook status" #bct #yolo #SFoperator... Okay, now that my semi-serious rant is over, on to some real advice.

    Don't bring anything you aren't prepared to have broken or 'lost'. Matter of fact, the only things you'll need are your orders, a set or two of clothes, your body and mind. You'll getting everything you need for BCT at Reception.
    You should have ZERO time for anything other than learning all things Army. Sure, some people are allowed to have phones during the final phases of OSUT but, don't count on it. As for the books and such; Is there no one at home to ship the stuff that you think you need once OSUT is over?

    Infantry OSUT something like 16 weeks,(12 Weeks of BCT and 4 weeks of "AIT")
    Airbourne is 3 weeks (Maybe some opportunities for computer use)
    Selection is 2 weeks
    SF is 2 years

    Any more questions or for clarification, post a reply. Good luck.


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      Appreciate the advice, particularly you pointing out that my retained items could be broken or "lost"- didn't know what to expect there.

      Regarding your question as to whether I have somebody at home to ship me items I need- I have a few roommates, but I live in CA, while my family is in NY. Since I'm not yet sure how quickly I can expect to receive mail on base, I was looking into other options. I have a good buddy in the 75th who might be an option as well.

      Thanks again.


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        Even though it is supposed to be standardized, everyone's OSUT experience varies, but our electronics were treated well enough, but I wouldn't have wanted more than my phone. You will have opportunity to obtain everything you need one way or another. I packed very light and I wish I would have brought a few more things relating to after OSUT as you mentioned, which very few people seem to recognize. It's very different for the REP 63 recruit who won't be returning to HOR or going to a normal unit immediately after OSUT/Airborne.
        Take your phone, but make sure you are ready to turn it in fully charged (remove battery if possible) at any time. You may have a very short opportunity to use it and you don't want to waste time with an uncharged phone (I did - it sucked, but it was a crappy phone & old battery (get a new one before you go if you can).
        Take/wear one complete set of civilian PTs and one complete set of "going out" clothes including shoes unless you want to buy them after OSUT.
        If you have friends or family coming to OSUT (BCT) graduation, you can ask them to bring you things as well. Personal belonging are not restricted at Airborne. You will also be able to register for a mail box and receive mail & packages as soon as you in-process SWCS a few days after in-processing Ft. Bragg itself.

        Originally posted by AWeisenberger View Post

        Infantry OSUT something like 16 weeks,(12 Weeks of BCT and 4 weeks of "AIT")
        Airbourne is 3 weeks (Maybe some opportunities for computer use)
        Selection is 2 weeks
        SF is 2 years
        For clarification & reality check (all times with no injuries/recycles): currently OSUT is roughly (10 days 30th AG reception, 9 weeks BCT and 4 weeks AIT)
        3 weeks at Airborne (possible 1-2 week hold prior to Airborne) with ample time evenings and weekends for computer and/or books.
        In process Ft. Bragg - Awaiting Training (AT) for SFPC (1-12 weeks depending on time of year & time of arrival) - lots of down time
        SFPC - 19 days
        AT for SFAS (usually about 1 week but could exceed 6 weeks)
        SFAS - 19 days
        AT for CLT (same as above) (18D candidates go to SOCM for 6 months)
        CLT - 19 days
        AT for the actual SFQC (usually less than 1 week)
        SFQC - fastest track is about 18 months but they just added a couple weeks in MOS so it could be a little over now.

        ​Sorry, long post - Good luck!