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prior service repeating basic

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  • prior service repeating basic

    Hello I leave to go to 11 B OSUT I have already completed basic and am considered glossary non prior service. Basically it went like this in 2009 I completed basic as a split op and drilled at a reserve unit that mobilized and deployed and shifted my AIT multiple times for literally two years and then after they returned and the third commander had resigned I was discharged for having not completed ait within two years of basic. It all sounds ridiculous but its true and I was G795 law dogs at fort leonard wood MO in June 2009. I reenlisted in september of 2013 and am leaving in August but they are making me redo basic is this a mess up or is this common practice I completed basic and have proof to that affect but they said that because of the total separation peroid which was 3 plus years from graduating basic in aug 09 to reenlisting in sep 13 that i have to redo basic and complete ait. Also I did try as hard as I could to get ait dates in the peroid between my basic training and discharge date but to no avail sorry for the length just trying to be as thorough as possible.

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    One more thing at basic am I going to have to repeat basic with a normal company or is their prior service platoons I know in 2009 we had one platoon with six soldiers that were prior but then again alot has changed like dont ask dont tell and bayonet training thank you


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      No mess up. This situation is in the regs. AR 601-210 I believe.
      Normal company, normal platoon.

      Oh and don't go in with a "done it all before" attitude. Just get it done right and have fun.
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        I went to MP reclass in 2004 and that was for servicemembers who have already completed BCT and we were separated from the basic training soldiers. Since you are going back to BCT, you will be with a new batch of new recruits.

        I posted this article many times that shows the Army changes for PS vets on repeating BCT.


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          Yeah but at the very bottom it says the following

          "Prior-service personnel entering the Army National Guard or Army Reserve will go straight to their unit of assignment, regardless of the length of their break in service, if they have completed Army or Marine Corps basic training"

          so wouldn't that mean I wouldn't have to redo basic and as stated further above in the same article only redo basic the whole article seems to apply to either active components or other branches it makes it seem like time in service is irrelevant for guard or reserve. sorry if youve covered this already Ive just learned by now that if the army can make a mistake it will lol.