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Cell Phones Are Allowed at Basic Training?

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  • Cell Phones Are Allowed at Basic Training?

    Hey I've enlisted in the ANG, I'm an E2, and I ship out May 12th 2014 for basic. My MOS is 11Bravo infantry. I was talking to a friend a while ago and he told me cell phones are now allowed at basic at all forts... Is that true? I thought they we we only allowed to write letters?

    Also, this is completely random but I didn't want to make another thread for it: During breaks or off-time are basic-combat trainees allowed to practice running courses or practice shooting their rifle without there being an instructor or drill sergeant?

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    I can answer one question and no there will not be any cell phones allowed. Also congrats on your enlistment.


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      I haven't heard anything like that.You will get your phone taken away as soon as you arrive to BCT. You MIGHT be allowed to call your family once or twice while you are there, but that is all up to your chain of command. I've heard of some soldiers being allowed to call their family every few weeks, and some not at all. Personally, I was allowed a phone call on the day of graduation, but that was only allowed so that we could give directions to our family.

      As for your other questions, no you cannot practice running during down-time. Most of the down-time you get will be waiting in lines at the range anyways. And no you will defiantly not be practice shooting when an instructor is not around. That's a big safety hazard and you won't have any ammo on you anyways, the only time you'll get ammo is when your on the range.


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        Keep in mind this data might be a little dated. I shipped to Ft. Benning in early 2010 and attended the 11B OSUT. We could bring our cell phones. When we hit the unit they took them from us and locked them up. We saw them occasionally, maybe 3-4 times throughout our entire stay there. We were allowed to write letters daily if you took advantage of your personal time. It took a while for the first letters to creep in, maybe a week or a week and a half. But after that they were as consistant as the person sending them.

        As far as "extra" PT, we typically did PT in the morning. Beginning in white phase we were allowed to go to the track or the indoor cardio room after the duty day had completed. We were issued our rifles during the first week. It was encouraged to do shadow box drills/etc on free time in the evenings to help get a grasp on the fundamentals.