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Daily Schedule of OSUT

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  • Daily Schedule of OSUT

    Hello everyone. I am shipping out to FT. Benning on 22 April for Infantry OSUT. I was trying to get my body accustomed to the day to day sleep loss, etc. Does anyone know or have a general schedule of what goes on? Anything would be appreciated!

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    Re: Daily Schedule of OSUT

    If memory serves me right. My times might be a little off because it was 10 years ago. :P

    Typical Day

    -Wake up typically between 0500 and 0600. 30-60 minutes to get dressed, conduct hygiene, make beds and be in formation.
    -Conduct physical training for ~2 hours. Mostly as a company. May split off with platoon to do whatever your platoon sergeant wants.
    -Back to barracks to get in uniform and get equipment for training.
    -Travel to training site.
    -Eat lunch at training site. Usually food is delivered.
    -Train more.
    -Travel back to barracks.
    -Eat dinner.
    -In-house training or cleaning of equipment
    -Soldier/personal time for 30-60 minutes.
    -Lights out. (Don't remember times. Thinking it varied between 2000 and 2200 depending on how full the day was.)
    -Fireguard for 1hr at some point between lights out and wake up.

    We had a chalkboard in the company area that detailed the entire day for