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ft benning basic questions

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  • ft benning basic questions

    my husband just shipped to Benning 8 days ago, He is in infantry and is gone for 14 weeks, i am curious to know when i will get a mailing address, also when his family weekend will be, and when he will be able to make phone calls? Any info will help because im like freaking out!!!

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    Re: ft benning basic questions

    Thank you for the service you are being part of. I just graduated from OSUT @ Benning in April and I know it was very hard for my wife, especially the first few weeks. For both of your sakes, don't freak out, you will hear from him. Here's a few things to help (hopefully).

    Inprocessing through 30th AG can take as long as 10 days, and until that's done, he doesn't have an address. Within the fIrst couple days after he actually gets to his training company, a packet will sent with his address, Family Day pass dates, Graduation dates and other info. But the packket can take a week in the mail.

    Every company is different about phone calls (we got very little phone time) but he will get at least a brief (2 min) call within the first few days of getting to his training company. Don't expect much from this call, but you should hear from him soon (probably before Monday).

    The first few weeks are the longest, stay positive and it will be over before you know it.


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      Re: ft benning basic questions

      She is already wearing her husband's rank