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Question about Benning

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  • Question about Benning

    Hey all! Im leaving for Fort Benning on September 12th and going to Aviation Operation School(15P) at Fort Rucker towards the end of November. My question is: DO they separate non infantry recruits from infantry recruits? Is there a specfic battalion non combative recruits go to train? How long do you generally stay at Reception. What is the process? Can anyone tell me about Fort Rucker? any advice on trying to get any secondary training(Air Assault, Ranger, Airborne)

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    Re: Question about Benning

    You can expect to be mixed in with the 11B. Although with 11B OSUT they probably keep those guys seperate. Reception is about a week long. Follow on cool guy schools? Lol. Short answer no.

    BTW, use the nifty search feature. All your questions have been asked and answered before on this forum. Time to start being self sufficient. If I were a MOD I would lock all these threads that are overly redundant.


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      Re: Question about Benning

      the way they are still working it down there is that reception is based on your company for training, so if you are in say.. delta co at reception, you will not be in BCT with those in bravo co, who might all be infantry. They work the order of training around with the infantry, so you will not be with them, and to be honest, will probably not even see any of them short of when they have to go to CIF for gear, since one of the non-grunt BNs are right down there. I am not sure if they have 2 of them on sand hill yet or not. I am thinking they probably do.