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RASP slot at AIT (11B)

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  • RASP slot at AIT (11B)

    Hi, I have been doing research for the past 2-3 months on this topic and can't find any clear answers so I figured I would tap into the wealth of knowledge here.

    Alright before hand to clear it up I'm not some form of "wanna be High Speed guy" I enlisted as a Junior In High School as an 11Bravo due to my desire to serve and this being the quickest way, I have a GT score of 126 and my APFT is a 300.

    So on to the question, my ultimate goal is to be switched over to Active Duty, from what I found during my research you have to be on Active Duty to get a RASP slot while at AIT, so is this true? Also is there anyway for me to transfer over to Active while at AIT?

    Thanks to all you who respond, have a great day.

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    Re: RASP slot at AIT (11B)

    It is true that you have to be Active Duty to attend RASP 1 or 2 and no you cannot simply transfer to Active Duty while in AIT. You signed an enlistment contract with the Army National Guard.

    The only way to attempt this before the end of your current discharge date is to request a conditional release from the National Guard. Basically, a conditional release says that the National Guard agrees to release you from the remainder of your commitment, if you are accepted for enlistment or appointment to another service component. To start the conditional release process, you must request a conditional release from your current unit and complete a DD Form 368 "Request for Conditional Release".


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      Re: RASP slot at AIT (11B)

      I take it your a split option? So right now you are in your senior year in highschool? If this is true then you need to get a conditional release from the NG right now! Get this process started before you ship out to AIT as it will probably be easier and much more likely for the state to grant you the release. Once you go to AIT it is going to be much harder as the state just spent the money to train you. Get in touch with your first line leader right away and get this pushed up through the chain of command. Time is of the essence!

      You will also need to work with an active duty recruiter to get RASP 1 in your contract. IIRC it is called an option 40. There are not very many option 40 slots available per year, so again this is time sensative. If he/she can't get you option 40 then definately get Airborne in your contract. At least with Airborne school there are 75th Ranger regiment recruiters waiting to fill in the remaining slots for RASP upon graduation. It's risky but the possibilty is there.