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I'm MOSQ but then again I'm not?

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  • I'm MOSQ but then again I'm not?

    I'm new to this, so I'll try to make a long story semi short (probably won't be short at all, actually). During basic, found out I had some severe stress on part of my hip and femur. X-ray showed no breakage. Was stuck on crutches for 3 weeks, but didn't want to miss out on anything. Magically convinced my ds's to let me participate in ftx 3 (Believe me, it was a sight to behold. Full battle rattle, my trusty M4, annnd crutches) Anyway, I was able to do ftx, but not the final ruck march afterwards obviously. But since I was OSUT, my drill sergeants told me not to worry, that id be able to make it up after I lost the ninja sticks. Got off crutches a few days after and went straight back to normal pt. Still a fairly high amount of pain, but I ignored it because I was NOT getting sent home. Eventually it got to where moving my right leg became the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life. Phase 4 pt test was coming up, so I toughed it out. Took my pt test, maxed pu and su, then magically got 65 points on my run. A few days later, I ended up going to get another x ray because of the continuous pain. This time I saw another doctor, who told me the previous doctor who told me I had any problems with my hip was wrong. That according to his notes, my hip was perfect... So went in for the xray and the doctor wouldn't tell me any real results, just told me I needed an MRI asap. Go get the MRI the day before LEX, and wasn't supposed to come back for my results until 2 or 3 days. (and yes, I was forced on crutches again, so I was doing LEX looking like a cripple) Welllll apparently the doctor freaked out when she got my results and called our company and made me come see her immediately. So I went to ctmc with all my MP gear and she tells me that I severely fractured my right femoral neck. And more than likely, I had a small fracture when I had in checked out in BCT, but that it was more than likely over looked. But since I had jumped right back into pt, that I just made the fracture worse. Worse to the point where it was to point of near on completely snapping. I go back to the company and lo and behold, our operations sergeant is waiting for me. Already been recommended for discharge. We had a fairly... Emotional talk and all talk of discharge went away. I luckily had a chain of command who were not going to let a doctor decide my fate. And so began the REFRAD process. I was told id need 6-9 months to heal before I could finish up. (keep in mind, I had just finished up with training at stem village when I found out about all this). All I had left at this point was 9mm qualification, my final ruck from basic, and ftx 5. The day for 9 mm came and since I'm annoying and don't like being left out, i begged to be able to set the crutches aside and go to the range. And luckily, our first sergeant allowed it. So i have completed all of my training besides my 16k and ftx5. I had to watch my battle buddies and best friend graduate, while i patiently waited to get home and get healed. I left for home a few days after graduation, learning before i left that id more than likely be doing AIT completely over again... 1. I was told you could make up a ruck march with a unit in your state? Is this true? And if so, how could i ask someone at RSP about it? Speaking of RSP, I'm in a really odd place there. Don't really belong to a phase. Apparently i have been granted my mos, but something dealing with paperwork has me screwed? And 2. I heard that the cycles after mine were going to be trained differently. We were told that our cycle was one of the last "combat mp cycles" and that there wasn't even going to BE an ftx 5 anymore... So my question is, could i possibly acquire a waiver for ftx 5? Who is it that i need to be asking these questions? I've been home for 3 months and i still don't know what's going on. I'm allowed to start jogging in May, then if I'm correct. I'd have to be back on Leonard Wood by June. Please, someone just give me some kind on knowledge -.- I'm so in the dark its not even funny. I just want to get to my unit already and get on with my life. I'm stuck in refrad purgatory.

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    You're MOS qualified or not. If you're not, then you'll have to go back and complete the AIT portion once you've been medically cleared.


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      If I were you, I'd break that block of text into paragraphs if you want anyone to read this.


      • Jessica.N.B.
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        This is true. However, I did this via cell phone. And I didn't have that option for whatever reason. Guess I'll just have to look like a ranter.

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      I do not know if you have a CAC reader at home and can access your enlisted record brief but if you did not graduate or receive a packet showing your graduation certificate; then you are not 31B qualified. Here is my old enlisted record brief that shows my Primary MOS (PMOS) as 31B. I received a certificate when I graduated from MP school. I was an old buck at 38 years back then.

      So if you can access your ERB via AKO or at this direct link You will know if you are MOSQ (I doubt it though). When you say you been home for 3 months, have you been attending RSP during those last 3 months?

      REFRAD stands for Released from Active Duty and if you are not getting paid every two weeks and no longer on orders (discharged from Fort LeonardWood); then you are not on active duty but back on Guard status.

      I am not trying to knock down your MP dreams but have you thought about re-classing to a different MOS? Something less prone to body injury?
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      • Jessica.N.B.
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        On my ako, it says I'm mosq. And yes, I've been attending RSP. I'm in an odd situation though, because I'm not really in a phase. I don't do any training or anything with everyone else. I basically do work for one of my NCO's and tape females. At one point they talked about trying to get me a permanent profile so I could just go to my unit?

        I also have a list printed off from ft. Leonard Wood stating what I have and havnt done in training. However, it looks like they made a mistake and have in their records that I DID do ftx 5. Would I need to have that record corrected asap?

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      Ok, if you are attending RSP, you no longer on active duty. Where in your AKO did you see that you are MOSQ? Because if it shows that you are MOSQ, then you do not have to return for training. <--that link shows your training log in then select transcripts. This shows in my transcript

      Military Police:
      Military Police:


      Supervises or provides law enforcement; preserves military control; provides security; controls traffic; quells
      disturbances; protects property and personnel; handles prisoners of war, refugees, or evacuees; investigates
      incidents. Enforces traffic regulations and law and order; exercises military control and discipline and guards
      prisoners of war; responsible for traffic accident investigation; provides physical security for designated
      individuals, installations, facilities, and equipment; maintains traffic control and enforces traffic regulations and
      safety; participates in civil disturbances and riot control operations; responsible for law enforcement
      investigations; performs foot and motorized patrol and applies crime prevention measures; prepares military police
      reports including sworn statements and processes evidence.

      It will show even if you did not graduate.
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      • Jessica.N.B.
        Jessica.N.B. commented
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        I'm not sure where it was exactly. An NCO was the one who informed me about it when I got back home. My computer sucks, so I can't access ako on it.
        Um I was also given 2 sets of orders when I left Leonard Wood that is causing some paperwork trouble. I have one set of orders saying that my mos has been revoked. But then I have a set from a couple days after that I had been granted my mos. Everything pertaining to this is a mess.

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      I will call your unit and speak to your training NCO to try to ascertain solid information on your status and future situation.


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        Jessica, if you don't have a set of orders awarding you the 31B MOS or at least on your DD 214, then you are not MOS qualified. AKO is not an official record. You would then need to work with your RSP cadre and recruiter to get you another school date pending your medical clearance.

        If the orders about your MOS have the same number, the orders revoking your MOS are most likely the correct ones. What's making this is a mess is you made it just shy of graduation and the personal section does everyone's orders all at once.
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