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AIT Day-to-Day?

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  • AIT Day-to-Day?

    I am scheduled to do my BCT and AIT back-to-back. I know that BCT is the intense training for roughly 9 weeks, and you stay at the base throughout. Then I have AIT right after for another 9 weeks. I was wondering how strict AIT is and how it goes on a day-to-day basis. Is it like having a full-time job where you train for your specific MOS for about 9 or 10 hours of the day and then you stay at a hotel contracted with the ARNG or something for the rest of the day? Is it an all day thing and you stay at the base the whole time? In case it's different for each MOS, mine is 92A.
    Thanks for the help.

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    This might be a little late, but...

    I think all AIT schools differ as far as freedom and housing. When I went through Infantry school with the Marines, we stayed in barracks or under the stars, and were only allowed to leave base on certain weekends. Where I was stationed, we had a Communications School, and they stayed in dorm rooms (2 person, hotel-like rooms) and were allowed to leave base every night after so many weeks. My school was typically 16+ hour days, but Comm school is usually 8 hours a day.

    I'm headed to 68W school in Feb, and from what the other medics in my unit have told me, I'll be living in my own room since I'm prior service in a different building than the other students, who will be living in the dorms. I was told that new guys only get to leave base on certain weekends, and that classes are typically 8 hour days so that you can go back and study what you learned to pass the NREMT.

    A good guess for a 9 week school would be, and the general POGness of your job, you'll be restricted to base for 2 or so weeks, and then allowed to go off base on the weekends if your unit isn't having problems. I'm guessing 8 hour days for you in a classroom, with the freedom to enjoy the base when class is out.

    Hope this helps, have fun