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11 B Basic but no AIT requirement

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  • 11 B Basic but no AIT requirement

    Hello I am in a unique situation I was prior service I completed basic and due to split op issues didn't complete ait I just reenlisted and have to redo basic but was told my unit will mosq me at my unit station and not at an ait location. More info even if unnecessary I am have an 11B contract and am set to ship to fort leonard wood nov 13 I do not have an ait location on my paperwork. Has anyone else had this happen where ait just doesn't happen and is completed at your guard unit.

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    Re: 11 B Basic but no AIT requirement

    AIT is done at either one of the national AIT training centers (FT B for IIB) or at one of the state's RTIs.

    Unit's do not MOSQ someone during drills.....


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      Re: 11 B Basic but no AIT requirement

      Just got an update on this as odd as it sounds this is going to be the case in my scenario. Which again is odd I have to repeat basic which I completed in 2009 but I dont have to go to ait apparantly guard units do have the ability in rare cases to quick qual you without an ait again very weird and not often done but its the case this time.