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68W AIT while in STO

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  • 68W AIT while in STO

    Hello, I'm Cj. I'm going to be a Junior this year, and join the National Guard this February under STO. I've always loved the Army, My dad is and O-5 MP officer so I've always been around it.
    I want to go to college and either major in Nursing or Law Enforcement and make a career in the Army as a MP officer or Nurse.
    I've been looking at 68W and it said the AIT was around 16 weeks, well after my Senior year I only get about 8-12 weeks off before I have to go to college. How would this work so I'd have time to get back to school without skipping a semester of my freshman year of college?
    Or will I not have enough time and should I just choose the MOS 31b this upcoming February?

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    Re: 68W AIT while in STO

    I'm switching to 68w, and I was told that while the course is XX amount of weeks, it's also 3(?) seperate courses. Now, you MAY be able to take that one at another time. Talk to a training NCO about it, not a recruiter. The recruiter will lie. Trust me. You can also join the guard and wait to go to AIT as far as I know. I joined in May, and am waiting until Feb to go to school. Almost 10 months. If none of these are an option for you, sounds like you already have a secondary MOS you are interested in, so at least there's that.

    As far as missing a semester of college... When I go to 68W it would have been my last semester of college for my BA in Criminal Justice, but that's something I'm willing to do. You could also look into going to an online school for a semester, since they work in terms instead of semesters. Terms are half semesters. So, you could get back from AIT and then do a term. You'll get college credits for BCT, AIT, and the 6 credits from the online term. Not a bad deal in the long run.