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AIT at Fort Gordon

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  • AIT at Fort Gordon

    I Leave to Fort Gordon AIT, and I was wondering about it... I'm 94E.. I'll be in the 73rd Ordnance- Charlie. Please answer with as much detail as possible! (Split-Ops, Already Been to Basic)

    1) What's the AIT life like their? SGT's? PT lifestyle? Etc

    2) I heard they have new barracks, what are they like, do they have Internet connection? How many roommates/battle buddies will be in a room?

    3) how much "free time" do we normally get when we first get there? How about closer to the end of the training?

    4) I've heard rumor that people are getting out In 18 weeks is it true? Online states 25 weeks.

    5) Would I be allowed to get a guitar? (I want to learn and surprise my GF when i get back)

    Anything else to inform me of my military training, please tell me, as time gets closer Im getting more curious about what my new home will be like for a while!

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    Re: AIT at Fort Gordon

    I can tell you for sure it all depends on your company. I myself wasn't there, but i heard from many people from many places and even different companies where i went to (FLW), it all depends on how the PLTSGT wants to run it. Typically, if you are good = rewards. If you keep screwing up = lose privileges

    I can tell you how it was for me in FLW, if it helps: SGTS are more "cool" because they aren't training you to become a soldier, they are training you on your MOS. You can actually talk to them and get to know them. Just keep your **** straight. PT every morning except weekends, usually it's the routine exercises followed by a run. Companies deal with cellphones in 2 ways:

    1. They keep them until you think you earned them. (from what i heard)
    2. You keep them, but if you mess up, they get them back. (how it was from me)

    internet? doubt it. Room mates? Depends on building. We had large rooms with bunks. 10 bunks, 2 soldiers per bunk. The mechanic company next to us only had small rooms that fit 2 per room.

    Guitar? Well we could buy anything (besides contraband), as long as it fits in your locker at night. Everything must be stored away at night time. Again, depends on company.

    Sorry i wasn't at Fort Gordon, but i assume most AIT "lifestyles" are generally the same.


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      Re: AIT at Fort Gordon

      Hey I just graduated AIT from Fort Gordon. I'm also a 94E so I was in 73rd Ordnance. I graduated September 26, 2012. The SGTs are pretty laid back for the most part. It is nothing like basic. No one is really going to get in your face. When I was there SSG Peters, SSG Holzinger and SSG Figureoa were really great. Formation time for PT was 0450. It would alternated between run days and muscle failure. I thought PT was challenging but fun for the most part. When I was there the new barracks werent finished so we stayed in RBK 07 for females and RBK 09 for males. These were more like trailers. If you want internet you have to pay for it. It is provided through cZee. There are four beds in each room but I only had one other roommate. It just depends.
      You wont have too much free time when you get there because you are a phase IV and phase IV do details after classes and on the weekend. Phase IV also can't wear civilian clothes or leave post. Once you pass your first PT test and do the phase up test you'll be phase V and you can wear civilian clothes and go off post. Yes it is true that the course has been shortened to 18 weeks. You can get a guitar, you can get a TV, a PS3, pretty much anything that isn't contraband. You can't keep any food in the barracks though. So no drinks, chips, candy, etc in your room. You can only smoke if you are a phase V and in the designated smoking pit only.
      Fort Gordon isn't too bad. It is really hot in the summer though. There is a movie theater and a mall close to post. Once you are allowed to go off post just grab a battle and head out there. The schooling for 94E isn't too bad too. You have nothing to worry about. Just have fun and learn some new things. If you have any other questions about the company I can help you since I was there only 7 months ago.