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68W and 68X question...

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  • 68W and 68X question...

    My recruiter has been good so far. However, I'm a bit confused regarding line scores for 68W (Health Care Specialist) and 68X (Mental Health Specialist).

    He gave me a list of jobs that I am qualified for per my line scores and etc. 68W was on the list and I was really happy to find out that I qualified. This is what I want to do. However, when I told him "thats the one", he said that I'm not qualified. He would not give me much more information then that.

    Also, 68X is on my MOS list as well, but according to the Army web site, I am off by a few points. I was reading up and some people have said that the Army may take a tad lower score if the recruit has previous experience in this field. I have been working in mental health for years (no degree). Does anybody know if this might be true?

    I am getting all kinds of conflicting information regarding 68W. I even called another recruiter, they said something different. Can somebody please tell me what the requirement is for 68W and 68X as of today??

    I'm not looking to challenge my recruiter, but I want to make a sound decision based on the facts.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    From what I know of needing to qualify for 68W, is you need 101 on ST and 107 on GT. That's from what I know. Not too sure of all other needed information. Sorry. Best of luck!