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35F AIT for PS NCO

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  • 35F AIT for PS NCO

    Hi all, I'm looking at signing up for 35F and haven't been able to find any recent info here. Anyone got the scoop on AIT? Curious about the obvious:
    • location (Huachuca)
    • duration (13 wks)
    • handling/treatment/life for PS NCOs (expect to keep hard-earned AF E5 grade)
    • feed to WO
    • anything else useful

    AF AD experience includes 8 years' 35N equiv, with some ground forces intel (very unusual for AF I know) at NSA. My civ career is IT security (10+ years). I figure experience combined with intense focus is going to help enough that I don't expect serious challenges in AIT.

    Thoughts? Wake-up calls? BS flags?

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    Re: 35F AIT for PS NCO

    Yes, the AIT it is at Huachuca and the time line is correct. Since you are PS AF, you will be going to BCT. However, since you are PS AF, it is *highly* unlikely you will be keeping E-5, especially if you have any break in service. It's just a reality since the NCO paths are vastly different between Army and AF (normally USMC keep theirs or higher AF/USN NCOs, like E-6/7, will get E-5). As for PS treatment, since you'll be an E-4 at BCT, expect none and I wouldn't let too many people know you are AF.... You'll get "special" treatment.

    Bring your ribbons or try to get Army versions/equivalent ones before you go. There are several online resources that you can use to match them up. Also, bring copies of any award warrants (to include your DD214) to back up what you wear.

    Feeding into WO is fairly straight forward, but I think you will be bored with 35F. That's a generalist MOS and probably the easiest in the 35 series. If your background is close to 35N, why not go with that and keep you skills up to date?


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      Re: 35F AIT for PS NCO

      Thanks jm. I'm going after F because that's what my local ARNG unit has available. I'd rather do something like N or P, but I'm okay with being a generalist.

      From what I've been told the foxtrot position is for E6 and I'll keep my E5. Should I be worried or skeptical of that? We all the know the "...but my recruiter said...!" jokes, but mine has been very straight up and honest, even with the ugly stuff (like BCT!).

      How does initial rank/grade work anyway? My enlistment paperwork will specify, right? I've heard a few mentions of people getting dropped in rank in BCT but more that say "What? No, that won't happen." If I sign up as E5 I'm E5, right?


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        Re: 35F AIT for PS NCO

        MEPS will determine what you get. I'd be very skeptical.... If you swear in as an E5 and your contract says E5, then that's what you are! Just keep in your noodle what's most important to ya and go from there.

        Best of luck to you.