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Can you graduate AIT with a medical profile?

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  • Can you graduate AIT with a medical profile?

    I am about 2 weeks from graduation. I have received a go on everything, passed my phase V APFT, and have no UCMJ, but was on profile for an injury earlier in the cycle. I was told by the CTMC that I cannot get an LOD because I "wasn't injured enough" and that I would need to come back and get an MRI if I wanted to get one. The problem is, my medical condition still hasn't cleared up, but I have several job interviews, events I'm scheduled to attend, and school work to do as soon as I get home, and can't afford a delay. I also don't want to be stuck with medical bills for an injury that happened here. So my question is, am I able to graduate AIT with a medical profile if I've completed all of the graduation requirements?

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    Re: Can you graduate AIT with a medical profile?

    The answer to your question first, is yes. Also, what is a CTMC? While you at AIT, you are on title 10 orders and can go to sick call and get an MRI (and I know there is a backlog in appointments). What is your injury?

    Get your medication, x-rays, MRI and what not and I suggest you enroll in Tricare Select, so when you return, you will have insurance coverage.


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      Re: Can you graduate AIT with a medical profile?

      I graduated AIT with a profile. I wasn't able to take the last PT test and got a waiver to graduate. I was going to the doctors for it the whole time I was at AIT. I ended up having to get an LOD for that injury once I got to my unit back home(it happened during basic training). I would go with Chiefs advice and go to sick call to get the MRI. I remember having to go to sick call multiple times to get things done and it was a huge hassle, but it's worth it in the end if you can get your injury squared away. My ankle took almost three years to heal, but I'm completely back to normal now and it feels great. Do what you have to do to get yourself healed up correctly or you'll be paying for it for the remainder of your military career. Good luck!