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Full AIT vs MOS-T RTI for prior service reclass

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  • Full AIT vs MOS-T RTI for prior service reclass

    Looking for anyone with any solid information here because I can't get any kind of conclusive answer. I am coming into the guard after a 3 year break from active duty, and will be reclassing into a 68W position. From what I see it is a 50-50 split approximately of prior service people going to Ft. Sam for the full 4 month AIT and those who are forced to go to the 7 week RTI type MOS-T training. Does anybody know what the deciding factor is to get sent to either?? I am concerned about going to the shorter training, and would love the chance to go Ft. Sam. Going to sign my contract this week but seeing if there is anything I can do to maximize my chances. Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Full AIT vs MOS-T RTI for prior service reclass

    7 week? EMT-B is 5-6 weeks alone and the rest is the 'Whiskey" training and FTX. I wouldn't feel comfortable as a medic after only 7 weeks of training. Even after the full 16 weeks you feel like you havent learned enough. That 7 week course has to be for people who are already EMTs. That would be the only way it would make sense. If you go to Ft Sam as an EMT or Paramedic your AIT is only 10ish weeks.

    I would tell your recruiter you know both options exist and you would want to got to Ft. Sam becasue you dont think 7 weeks is nearly enough training to save a life.