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35m or 35f?

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  • 35m or 35f?

    Hey, i'm fixing to enlist in the ARNG as a reserve and i'm between 35f and 35m. Currently there are no 35m positions open in my state (TN). I'm wanting to ship to BCT and AIT as fast as possible (I'm excited ] and I am most definitely wanting 35m more than 35f but i've seen some mixed info on 35f and practically no information on 35m. If I were to be deployed I do not want to be setting at base 12-15 hours a day and i've heard that mainly that's what a 35f does on deployments. My recruiter is strongly pressing the 35f and has even went as far to get me a 7500$ enlistment bonus with full benefits (EX: GI Bill kicker). As nice as the 7500$ sounds I really want to look into this more to know FOR SURE which I would prefer. Could I get a little insight as to what both do during drill weekends aswell as personal experiences on deployments? Also with the 35m AIT is it similar to 35F's as i've heard Intelligence Analyst has a pretty tuff AIT. What peaks my interests about the 35M is the field work and the interrogation aspects of the job.

    And I do understand that you can't speak of much.

    Also do you know how many college credit hours i'll receive for each of those AIT's?

    Thanks Guys!

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    Re: 35m or 35f?

    Not to be impatient but my recruiter told me I would only have 7 days to be promised the bonus and benefits. So if anybody see's this and could at all help me it would be greatly appreciated don't hesitate to reply.


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      Re: 35m or 35f?

      Well, since no one has chimed in, I'll say what little I know or can extrapolate from my own experience.

      I'm neither 35F or 35M, but being the support type of MOS', I wouldn't be surprised if your duties DID keep you "on base" for a majority of a deployment. That's what I have observed on my deployments.

      Have you asked your recruiter your questions? Perhaps they know of someone who is has 35F/35M experience and can give you a first hand account of what you can expect. Just a suggestion...

      As to college credits, it will actually depend on what college you are trying to apply the credits to. Each institution has their own prerequisites for their classes so check with them to get an idea of what you can expect.

      Lastly, I know the bonus is a great opportunity, but be sure that you ultimately pick the MOS you want to spend the next 6 years doing. The bonus will only last so long.

      Hopefully, this was somewhat helpful! Good luck with your enlistment. Keep us posted on what you finally decide.


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        Re: 35m or 35f?

        I actually did speak with my recruiter as to what I would prefer and ofcourse he went in "recruiting mode" and told me 35m was the job that didn't work much in the field. However, according to it's job description and a few posts on some other forums, when working as a 35m you were either at a detainment facility interrogating (Wherever our detainees are held) or you were interviewing the locals. I do understand however that it could depend on what type of unit I would be hooked up with as to what i would be doing in either job. I am strongly considering signing as a 35f because I think I would also enjoy attempting to get as much intel from a minimal amount of info. not to mention the job opportunities after i finish service.

        EDIT: FOUR more questions and i'm not sure if you can answer them but maybe somebody can .

        As i'm not going to be going active duty because i'm wanting to finish my schooling I am just curious exactly what would a person in MI do during their drill weekends?

        According to my recruiter after my training I will be doing drill in Knoxville, Tennessee. Does anybody know what type of unit that is? Not sure if I could get the answer on google but i'll try. EDIT@@@: I found a little info but not sure which unit is in knoxville. In the army national guard in TN we have The 230th Sustainment Brigade, The 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 30th Troop Command, 194th Engineer Brigade. Could I be placed with an Air National Guard unit even though I enlist with the Army National Guard?

        One thing I haven't asked my recruiter about is Airborne training. As a non-infantry MOS can I attempt Airborne school? I haven't really been able to find anything on other websites about that.

        And thanks RyCass.
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          Re: 35m or 35f?

          Glad I could help, even a little.

          A lot of your unit and drill questions I cannot answer since I do not drill in your area. Your recruiter should be able to easily tell you what unit you will likely be assigned to. I highly doubt you will be attached to an Air Force unit, but again, I do not know the inner details of this particular MOS.

          As to Airborne training, it really will come down to if your unit will allow it. They will have to pay for your training from their training budget and, if it is not required for your MOS, it's likely you won't readily get the opportunity. Some new Soldiers claim they were given the opportunity to go to Airborne school directly after BCT/AIT, but I'm not sure of the details on this. Again, that's a recruiter question.