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35G - Imagery Analyst

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  • 35G - Imagery Analyst

    Can anyone please give a brief description on this job; what to expect during AIT; where AIT schooling will be and what I would be doing during drills.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Re: 35G - Imagery Analyst

    As with any MI MOS, your ASVAB scores must be decent and you must be willing to attend an AIT for a longer period than most non-MI MOS's. 35G also requires a pervasive background check [known as SSBI] as one is entrusted with Top secret information.

    As someone who has been through the 35G course recently, I can tell you that it is quite interesting but is definitely not for everyone. In AIT, you will learn a variety of topics, some which are basic to almost all MOS's in Combat Arms or Combat Support (i.e. map reading, security/classification issues, etc.) Specific to MI and 35G in particular are: tactical identification of military weapons systems {tanks, APCs, aircraft, missiles, arty., etc.}, a review of the systems we use to get imagery, different types of imagery, order of battle, the different "INT's" [sigint, humint, elint, geoint, etc.] are reviewed so you have a basic understanding of MI capabilities, and many more. The primary way you deliver your analysis is by report writing or briefing imagery slides that you create [which method you use is determined by unit, mission, etc.].

    AIT is 26 weeks long. It used to be shorter but the 35H (Common Ground Station Operator) MOS was absorbed into 35G. Training takes place at Fort Huachuca, AZ in the high desert. Typically, the summers are hot but most of your training occurs indoor in classrooms on a computer. It also rains regularly in the evening in monsoon season. In winter, Fort H. gets snow in the mountains but it rarely accumulates on base proper. 35G will be assigned to Alpha Co. 305th MI BN. The company atmosphere is pretty relaxed due to length of training.

    As for drills, it depends on your unit. Some Brigade Combat Team [common in the guard] have only two 35G positions. You may do MOS specific training or you may do training with 35F's which is a similar, but more generalized than technical MOS.

    If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask,
    SPC Flagel