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Reception at Fort Sam?

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  • Reception at Fort Sam?

    I understand that being split option, I'll have to go through reception at fort Sam. I've heard it can be five days or even 6 weeks. Will there be pt in reception? I'm hoping yes because the last thing I want is to be stuck in reception for the longest time and eating 3 good meals a day but getting fat because of a lack of PT. Can somebody clarify the reception wait times as well as if there will be pt?

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    I highly doubt you will be stuck in reception for six weeks. I went through split-op back in 1983 and left for basic during the July 4th weekend. I was stuck in basic for 11 days. We got smoked but no real PT such as running or side-straddle hop. Just lots of push-ups. Anyway, I was 17 at the time and a HS athlete, so the lack of PT for two weeks was nothing. You will be ok.


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      I was in reception as a split op at Ft Sam back in 2011. I was in reception for 2 weeks. Things may have changed. You can be there up to 4 weeks (The ones that were with me were only there because their flights from BCT were delayed and missed the hand-off by an hour. A new company starts training every 4 weeks. There was PT when I was there but it was limited and we ran once or twice a week. Every day you will be tasked out to do things around post. Many mornings you will find yourself standing by a barrier as a road guard instead of doing PT.

      PT will start relatively easy once you get to your training company. Remember, in BCT you were expected to score a 50 on each APFT event, in AIT its 60. There will be a ramp-up so those who train to the minimum can catch up.