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    Right now I'm green phase in RSP. What exactly I'm looking for is what I need to take to AIT. Before anyone says anything smart, I understand that I need the basic CIF Issue with my ACUs, Patrol Caps, fleece jacket, all that stuff. I guess what I'm asking for is a list to the extent of this: 4x ACU top 4x ACU bottom 2x patrol cap I'll still have most of the stuff obviously but I need like an entire list of everything I'm required to have from the number of ACUs down to the number of socks. Strangely, all my dress socks disappeared :/ anyway, I'll greatly appreciate anyone who can replicate the basic issue from CIIP for me so I can replace anything I might not have. Oh I guess one more thing. I have my own pair of boots that aren't issue that I usually wear to drill. I understand AIT soldiers are still IET soldiers and are certainly not high speed people, but what exactly is the regulation regarding wearing non issue boots. If it helps, I'm attending AIT at Fort Sam Houston. Thanks again to anybody who can help me out.

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    I would engage my RSP cadre on an AIT packing list. You usually take your basic clothing items and leave the CIF at home station. You will be issued that gear at AIT. Also, stick with the regulation boots in IET status. When you back at home station; then engage your leadership for different boots.


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      Maybe I got my CIF and CIIP issues mixed up, I don't mean any TA-50 or gear like that. I'm just looking for a list of the things I'm supposed to have and how many of each item I should have that I was issued from CIIP during reception. Regarding the boots, thank you. I was hopeful yet doubtful. They are rocky C4T's that I find very comfortable. Anyways thanks for clarifying on that.


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        I'm guessing if you are going to Ft Sam you are a 68W. Bring your high speed boots. Unless things changed in the last few years, the first thing everyone did on the first PX trip on Reception was get their hands on better boots. If you still have your issued boots bring them all. You will need boots you don't care about when you start using the fake blood in whiskey school. Other than that, you will need to bring all your issued gear from BCT. Also, bring a laptop or a tablet for when you have down time.
        Anything you don't end up needing you can always ship home.