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Inner-workings of OSUT

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  • Inner-workings of OSUT

    I ship out for 31B OSUT on Wednesday the 19th, a week from today. I was wondering, does doing OSUT mean I'll be with the exact same guys through BCT and AIT? For example, say hypothetically I start Basic and I'm in 1st Platoon and my battle buddy is PVT. Smith, does that mean when I move onto the AIT portion, I'll be in the same PLT and most likely with the same soldiers as when I started BCT?

    Also, will I have the same cadre that I started with in BCT in AIT as well, or are there separate drill sergeants for BCT and AIT? My dad said when he did OSUT at Fort McClellan back in '83, he had different drill sergeants for BCT and AIT.

    Also, in the BCT portion, will every recruit in my platoon or company be 31B, or will there be other non-31B OSUTers mixed in there too?

    Any last minute tips, for when I get there or in my last week at home? Thanks in advance.

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    Again, for the thousandth time on this forum, OSUT is just a term for having basic and AIT on the same post, with the same platoon and most likely the same cadre. I attended 12OSUT at fort leonard wood in 1983 and 1984 because I was split option. I attended 31B reclass at fort Leonard Wood in 2004 with prior service Soldiers away from the IET Soldiers but we had Drill Sergeants as well.


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      Someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but AIT no longer has Drill Sergeants. They gave up the round browns and became just Platoon Sergeants 1-2 years ago. The exception I believe is Infantry and Engineer OSUT, where "typically" you'll stay with the same Cadre throughout the entire training which means you keep the DSs.


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        That's interesting, I never knew that. I just read an article on the TRADOC website about the switch. So what are the main differences between the Drill Sergeants and Platoon Sergeants? Will you still get dropped and smoked by PLT SGTs?


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          I did 13F OSUT in 2004. I was with the same platoon the entire time and we had drill sergeants the entire time. There were some drill sergeant shuffles, so I didn't have the exact group at the end as at the beginning. Once we reached the AIT phase, most of our training was conducted by regular 13F NCOs. However, the drill sergeants were still responsible for getting us from place to place.

          Our battery at Sill had one 13F platoon, one 13D platoon, and two 13B platoons. We did quite a few of the early training missions together, but then we mostly split closer to the end. There was a fun mission at the end, where we all worked together to conduct fire missions.