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Do you get to go to the PX in reception before you go to actual training?

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  • Do you get to go to the PX in reception before you go to actual training?

    I ship to Fort Leonard Wood on 20140219, but won't begin training until the 28th, therefore I'll be in reception for nine days. I was wondering how soon, if at all, recruits get to go to the post exchange prior to getting on the bus to BCT. Will I be able to purchase paper, stamps, notepads, and things of that nature there, or will I have to pack that in my civilian luggage?

    What are some things that I should pack for certain that may not be covered in general packing lists? So far I have;

    A change of cloths
    A combination lock
    Shower shoes
    A razor with shaving cream
    Tooth-brush in a case
    3 oz travel bottle of shampoo & conditioner
    A dark-colored towel and wash-cloth
    Some Cash
    S.S. Card, birth certificate copy, drivers license, and a copy of my immunization records

    Also... I know I'm probably going to catch some flak for this but... will I be allowed to bring or purchase lotion or moisturizer at reception and BCT? My skin (especially my face) gets really dry after I get out of the shower, especially in the colder winter months. No medical condition but I'm sure I would enjoy my experience more if people weren't referring to me as PVT. Flakey, haha.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i went to ft sill in 09 when i got to reception we did make a trip to the px. We all stood in a line around the px slowly but surely getting everything we would need including shaving supplies, toothpaste, tooth brush pretty much everything you will need. Yes, you will be able to purchase non scented lotion and non scented soap as well. My mother sent my stamps and envelopes but they are available for you to purchase as well.


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      I went to Ft Leonarwood in 2011, back then they gave me a star card (it is like a debit card) to purchase what I needed from a small store in reception, should be the same for you.


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        I never went to the (main) PX per say. I went to a clothing and sales and/or a small shoppette PX that we were able to buy sneakers and other toiletries required. Do not think outside the box at this time. Just go by the packing list and then let the reception NCO/Drill Sergeants do their job.


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          As for paper for letters, stamps and envelopes it may be better to take that stuff with you. That way you have it from the get-go. Pre-addressed labels for envelopes was invalauble to me during basic. I could just pull off a label, stick it on an envelope add a stamp and put it in the mail and it was good to go. This saved a world of time when personal time is very limited.


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            Thanks for the info.

            @Portree228: That sounds like a good idea, Not to sound like an ignorant young'n but... where do I go to get pre-addressed stickers made? Is that something my local Post Office could do for me?


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              OP, on what Portee228 said. I actually took pre-addressed, PRE-STAMPED envelopes. Why? two reason. One, if was faster when I had down time to write a note to my kids or husband and just pop it in the envelope. Two, if you just TAKE stamps, everybody and their brother are going to ask you for one. "yo dude, can I get a stamp?" Multiply that be even a third in your bay and before you know it, YOU are out and there are no trips to the PX for another week...or two. I wouldn't recommend pre-addressed labels unless its for people you are writing TO.. YOUR (return) address will not be your home address, it will be where BCT is and you won't get THAT address until you are there.