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Cell phones in reception?

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  • Cell phones in reception?

    Some green phase soldiers at RSP told me I will get my phone often during reception, is that true? How often do I get to use it during basic. I'm going to Fort Leonarwood if that matters at all.

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    We were allowed our cell phones at the end of the day in reception (you lock them in your locker during the day - DO NOT try and carry it on you or you can screw over everyone getting to use it) At basic they are relinquished to the DS's and you may be granted 15min to a half hour (maybe more) WEEKLY (ours was Sundays). But if we screwed up that week, we went a couple weeks NOT getting to call everyone gets everyone else to stay in line. When you CAN use it and the DSs say "TIMES UP"....GET OFF THE PHONE!!...don't be 'that guy' to stay on past the time limit because your SO can't shut up; it could affect future use for everyone.


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      At 30th AG at Benning we did not get our phones.... and FWIW I was there for 12 days.


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        different rules every place you go....I would take it though


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          I am at Gordon and I never see so many AIT Soldiers buried face-deep into their cell phones. And nobody uses their phones to talk, they are constantly TEXTING!!! They lose all situational awareness with these phones. They even stop raking leaves to start texting!! Bad idea with this technology Younguns today are too damn spoiled.