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Getting ready for BCT and 13F AIT

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  • Getting ready for BCT and 13F AIT

    I ship to BCT on 10 Sept 2013, so I only have a few weeks left. I'm going down to Fort Sill for OSUT and my MOS is 13F. I was just going over my contract to get all my dates in order because I plan on returning to college pretty the same week I come back, but in checking I just had a few questions I wanted to ask. My ship date is Sept 10, I believe I start BCT on Sept 16, and it says my contract says my AIT start date is Nov 25. I'm guessing I will be in reception from the 10th-16th so that would make my BCT graduation about 11/15 (counting 9 weeks on BCT from Sept 16). Since my AIT doesn't start until Nov 25 would that mean I just get held over until it starts? And also My contract says my AIT training length is 8 weeks 1 day, but the Fort Sill website says that 13F training is only 6 weeks. Does anyone know which is likely the actual length?

    My estimated time back is anywhere from Jan 17-31. Only reason I'm looking into this is that my next semester back starts 1/27 so I was just seeing if I would miss classes. I have been focused on BCT for about 4 months now and I was aware this could happen when I enlisted and am prepared for the possibility of training running into school.

    All replies and help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Getting ready for BCT and 13F AIT

    Basic training is commonly 10 weeks. This would give you a day or two for time with your family and a graduation day before starting AIT on time.

    As for the length of AIT, count on missing a few days of school. Things rarely go perfectly in the Army. Good luck and your choice to be a fister was a good one.


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      Re: Getting ready for BCT and 13F AIT

      If you are in training during December, you have to account for 2 weeks of HBL Holiday Block Leave or Christmas Exodus. Therefore, your training might actually be 6 weeks plus 2 weeks HBL. Concerning Basic and AIT transition, you could be held over a week. I know I got held over one week between BCT and AIT. Ive heard of people getting held over as long as 3 weeks. I would say this, if going to school is that close to you getting home, I'd wait. You never know what could happen at training that could cause you to get held over. Almost happened to me.


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        Re: Getting ready for BCT and 13F AIT

        Thanks for the replys. I think i'll make it back for the start of class, but im prepared either way. Im pretty excited to go get this whole thing started. Been watching tons of videos about Fort Sill and bct snd trying to get myself prepared. I'll be glad when i finally get to start my military career.