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Is split option worth it?

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  • Is split option worth it?

    Im 17 years old junior, and in the process of enlisting. The past few days I've been wondering if doing split op with the NG is worth it or just wait to go AD after I finish high school. My recruiter told me that if i decide to go NG, that it would be simple for me to go switch over to AD after I finish high school if i decide not to go to college with the MOS 11b or 13f, but to me that sounds like bs cause i heard it is hard to switch. I have no idea if i want to go to college or not yet so thats why i want to join the NG so i have options. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Is split option worth it?

    Did he also say you can simply reclass to another MOS and simply go to airborne school whenever you want to? Those are other goodies that they usually pitch.

    Don't bet your decision on it. He only cares about you to get you in the Guard. Once you come back from training, your recruiter has nothing to do with you as you become the property of your unit. What you should focus on is whether you want to be Active Army or Guard. And if Guard, I personally just recommend doing BT/AIT all at once. Get it out of the way. Then if you come home and want to explore college, you can get paid to do so while still serving the Guard part time. The Active Army is a full time career (with full pay) and may make it more difficult for you to educate yourself at the same time.


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      Re: Is split option worth it?

      It's darn near impossible to switch to AD from Guard now. Those that have did so back when there were two wars going on and Uncle Sam needed warm bodies. Now with the fiscal situation, the odds are slim.

      If you think you want Active Duty, just wait to enlist in the Army. If you want college and the military experience, the Guard is probably a good idea if your state offers Tuition Assistance. And ask your recruiter about the Guard SMP program while you're at it.