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    So i was considering doing split op this summer. I am a jr in high school. and i was looking into how bct is and what not. And i was wondering that if you get hurt in bct and have to restart bct after you heal, how would that work with split op because id already be missing some school. If i got hurt would i just get sent home and it all of been a waste of time? Thanks.

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    Re: Split Op

    I did split op. Its better to get it all over with at once. Wait until you graduate and go through all at once. When I showed up at Infantry AIT the following year I wasn't in nearly as good of shape as I was when I graduated basic. I was put in with a group of guys who had already been there 8 weeks and it was a struggle to keep up with them the first week. I thought I was in good shape when I got there but in reality I was no where near the level I was when I graduated BCT.


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      Re: Split Op

      He is a junior so at this point if he enlists; split-op will be the option he needs to go with.

      Yes, it is better to do it all at once but I was split-op. I went to basic (Fort LeonwardWood combat engineer OSUT D 1-2) at 17 years and at 18 went to AIT (E 2-2).

      I did not have shape issues. I was a skinny kid that played HS Varsity baseball and ran alot. During the times I was at drill between my basic and AIT period, we did some good PT. This was at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY. I adapted quickly at AIT.

      It is only a struggle for whimps.