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Contracted SMP Cadet Attending BCT Rank Questions

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    Re: Contracted SMP Cadet Attending BCT Rank Questions

    Originally posted by Grey347 View Post
    Hmm, aye, after a more careful reading of the documents it does seem to be the case that contracted cadets shouldn't be attending basic. At least, insofar as they aren't mentioned as attending it. Anyhow an SFC from an RSP unit gave me this section of the AR to answer my questions regarding pay at basic.

    i. Policy applicable to a potential participant (09R10). The following policy and procedures are applicable to a Soldier not enrolled in the ROTC Advanced Course, but has enlisted, or been reassigned, as a potential participant in the ROTC/SMP.

    (1) Potential participant. A “potential participant” is a Soldier who is not enrolled in the ROTC Basic/Advanced Course (MS III/MS IV), has been enlisted under Option 9–H, or is assigned to a TPU, and executes a DA Form 4824 in conjunction with a DA Form 3540 (Certificate and Acknowledgement of U.S. Army Reserve Service Requirements and Methods of Fulfillment).

    (12) Pay. A CDT is paid in the pay grade and years of Service (YOS) attained, but not less than pay grade E5 (para 10–6d), by JUMPS–RC under TRC “T.” While participating as a CDT in the ROTC/SMP until the date of commissioning, adjustments to pay will include basic pay table increases, basic allowance for subsistence (BAS), basic allowance for quarters (BAQ), and drill pay based on YOS and longevity for creditable Service in the computation of base pay. The subsistence allowance entitled a CDT enrolled in the ROTC Basic/Advanced Course (MS III/MS IV) is not affected by the CDT’s participation in the ROTC/SMP.

    The situation here is that I received a three year GRFD scholarship (which required I contract) and completed an SMP agreement under the premise that I would attend BCT to make up for MSI/MSII year, as in (16). I was afterwards enrolled in the MSI/MSII class for good measure. Meaning I had one semester in the MSI class and the second I was put in the MSII class. I believe this would mean I was still an MSI? Regardless, I have been attending monthly drills with my unit as a cadet and my pay grade has been officially set to E-5. Curiously, I noted this because in Human Resources Command and AKO my rank is now listed as SGT. I'm not sure whether this is again because there is no CDT rank and rank is firmly correlated with pay grade in the system but I am indeed being paid as a SGT for my drills.

    I still haven't heard back from an SSG who handles officer recruiting and CDT's at the reception following basic (which I also attended) but I'll keep at it. I'll also ask the ROTC cadre in charge of contracting for more clarification regarding these matters, because the admin in charge of contracting seemed utterly unconcerned with my situation and seemed to believe everything was proceeding precisely as it should. Perhaps it is? Still, seems the rabbit hole is getting deeper, I'll keep trying to get all this sorted out before something dull happens.

    Ok, couple of more things.

    (1) Yes, a "potential participant" is anyone who intends to go ROTC and wants to. TPU and Option 9-H are for those who have to have BT to make up for MSI/II years (subsequently, its the same for 09S, OCS soldiers).

    In addition, the same mission can be accomplished by attending LTC @ Ft Knox.

    Either of those 2 scenarios puts you inline with where an MSIII cadet needs to be in terms of knowledge/skills.

    (12) Yes, once you are a contracted cadet, you will be paid E-5 base pay. But the kicker is, you have to be a *contracted* cadet. Which means, you swore in with your PMS, signed the DA 597 (or DA 597-1, depending on scholarship or not) and are legally bound to the program.

    But OP, once you signed the GRFD scholarship, all of this is negated. You are doing your MSI/II in a condensed form (which happened to your own admission). In fact, your GFRD contract is for 3 years because they expect you to do MSII, MS II and MSIV as a contracted cadet.

    So, back to your original situation, you have already signed a contract. You belong to ROTC and SMP. You will be going to be in either the NG or USAR once you commission. You do not have to attend BCT and if they try to send you (and I would think that someone at MEPS is going to catch this blaring error before you ship), you are going to spend a lot of time in Reception before they send you back because you have no business being there for reasons I stated in previous posts.

    OP, I hope they don't doink you over on this.


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      Re: Contracted SMP Cadet Attending BCT Rank Questions

      JM, well done. I had a SMP cadet that managed to contract before his BCT ship date. He didn't go to basic.