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Prior service bring service stripes to BCT?

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  • Prior service bring service stripes to BCT?

    I'm bringing my ribbon rack to BCT (not sure the PX will have my AF specific ribbons) and have checked the reg so everything is in the correct order.

    Should I also bring service stripes for the ASU's or will I have an opportunity to go to clothing sales at BCT?

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    Re: Prior service bring service stripes to BCT?

    If it was me, I'd just bring them just in case. Remember, one stripe is authorized for each 3 years of honorable active Federal service; active Reserve service creditable for retired pay for non-regular service; or a combination. There is no limit to the number of stripes worn; however, service
    stripes will not cover the chevrons. Service need not have been continuous, and the 10th stripe is authorized after 291⁄2
    years. Individuals authorized more than 10 service stripes may elect whether or not to wear them. (Ref AR 670-1).

    Although you mentioned you already checked AR 600-8-22 references "Service medals and ribbons awarded by other U.S. Services may be worn on the Army uniform except the Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon and Air Force and Navy Marksmanship ribbons. Service and training ribbons
    awarded by other U.S. Services will be worn after U.S. Army service and training ribbons and before foreign awards."


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      Re: Prior service bring service stripes to BCT?

      Someone is going to look more high-speed than the drills at BCT


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        Re: Prior service bring service stripes to BCT?

        Haha...well, I'm pretty high speed about dress and appearance. Don't want to get a butt chewing if I can avoid it...and this is one of those cases where I *can* avoid it. Changing branches of service is confusing as far as uniform items I might as well figure it out now while I have the time and internet connection.

        Thanks for the reg, Mongoose. Helps to have the validation from a second person. I have dropped the AF Longevity ribbon and know my AF Unit award goes over my name tag. I don't think I get a combat stripe...I did 8 months total in Kuwait/Op Southern Watch, but one of those deployments was in 2000 and the reg states eligibility starts with 2001 for my's all good, I don't care about the bling, just wanna be in correct uniform.


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          Re: Prior service bring service stripes to BCT?

          Our era? Yes, before 9/11 there were other combat operations (e.g. Persian Gulf, Panama) but there was no combat going on in Kuwait in 2000

          Your orders will list the operation you fell under that will determine if it was a combat deployment. I suggest you start gathering all your hard copies of your overseas assignments and deployments and have that listed on your Army enlistment record brief. I had my overseas tour from my Marine days (Okinawa) placed on my record and you can wear an Army overseas ribbon for it if you are qualified.

          I have a 4 on my overseas ribbon due to my time in Europe and tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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