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  • Just wondering

    Has any body heard of anyone who had been discharge re3 medical. Gets a 60% rating from VA and is going back to school though the VA. Then re-enlist, what happens. I was just wondering. Do you lose your benefits? I did not know were else to ask thank for any imput you might have.

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    Re: Just wondering

    Individuals with more than 30% disability from the VA are automatically disqualified from enlisting. Even if you have 30% of below, the underlying condition of the disability may be cause enough to DQ you medically. You could ask the VA to re-evaluate you, with the goal of a rating of 30% or less, and then try to re-enlist. You would still keep your disability payments if you do get back in service.


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      Re: Just wondering

      I was under the impression that if you had 30% and join the guard, VA would supplement your VA income since that person is going to drill. I'll look in to it.


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        Re: Just wondering

        I have 60% and serving. What the VA does is give you 2 options.

        option 1 - however many days your drills for the month equate to (mutas) they will take it out of the disability at the end of the month

        option 2 - you can waive your drill pay and keep recieving the full amount of disability. Essentially, it equates to double dipping and you know how uncle sugar doesnt like it when you take his money twice.

        I opted to waive my drill pay. Ir hurt but for me, it was worth it at the time. Wish I had known at the beginning when i got back in, as I am currently in the midst of paying back money to the VA.