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  • You've heard it before...

    I'll get to the point:

    2 years and just over 2 months ago i was discharged from the Navy with an RE-4 JFC (Erroneous Entry) Entry Level Separation (Uncharacterized). At the time my mother was due to be induced for labor, i wanted to call home, wasn't able to, and had a sort of anxiety attack. I had never before or since had such an attack. They gave me pills and sent me home, up until a year ago i was taking those pills, then after a doctor told me i didn't need them and never did, i stopped taking them, and have felt better than ever since.

    Recently i have been thinking about rejoining and i want to join the ARNG. I have spoken to a recruiter and he said there is a slim chance of a waiver, he is researching and I’m going to meet him tomorrow. I am hoping there is a chance to get back in, after the meeting tomorrow depending on what he says I’m might get my packet together and send it in to see if i can get the RE code changed due to it being only a temporary issue instead of the permanent one they had originally told me i had. Since the discharge I’ve been trying to better myself, i work at a bank, and in the spring I am starting college courses.

    My attitude from then to now is a 180 degree turn since i had originally joined to get out of my hometown and to avoid the hassle of college, now I truthfully feel the urge to support the country, it's not like I’m hurting for money and need to join the military, it's because i am fully heart and soul drawn to serve in this way.

    The whole point of me submitting this is if i have a chance in heck of getting a waiver, i WILL work for it. I want to know is if, since this IS the new fiscal year, i have a shot at this. I am hardworking, and am much more Independant and mature and have a better understanding of what being a responsible adult really is than i was back then. I also know that what i did was my fault and my fault alone and am hoping there is a way to rectify it. If there is any advice that can be given I’ll take it whole heartedly.
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    Re: You've heard it before...

    PM sent hope it helps
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      Re: You've heard it before...

      Dd 293...............


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        Re: You've heard it before...

        Originally posted by Forrian View Post
        ...had a sort of anxiety attack... Recently i have been thinking about rejoining and i want to join the ARNG.
        You've gotta be crazy to want to join the Guard.


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          Re: You've heard it before...

          Open yahoo and put in naval discharge review board and go to the first page it shows. Fill out the application to try to get your discharge changed/upgraded.


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            Re: You've heard it before...

            I'm going through almost the same exact thing. I too am going back to school this spring and work as a GS-04. I'm prior service army. My recruiter sent all of my info to MEPS about three weeks ago...still waiting on word back from MEPS. Patience is the key, I don't bother my recruiter every week or anything like that. Luckily, my recruiter responds to me via text to keep me updated. If the recruiter is even going to try, thats about 40 percent of the battle. Keep your head up and keep on keepin' on.