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PS trying to get've heard it all before.

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  • PS trying to get've heard it all before.

    Re-3 honorable JfW failed medical/ physical/ procurement standards...

    Now that thats out of the way, I'm trying to find my way back to the good life. I am "prior-service" active ARMY. I was discharged During 25U AIT because I had a brain fart and decided to tell my CO about past medications I was on prior to enlisting, and confirm that "I am not worthy to serve". Long story short, I ended up booted out and trying to get back in since the day I put my civilian clothes back on.

    I was a good soldier and carried out my duties till the day I was discharged. At one point I tried to reverse my situation, but the Doc's at DDEAMC would not entertain that at all. I have many recommendations from my higher ups and have been cleared by my civilian doc who was the initial prescriber of the medications. I'm sure the latter counts for more. Basically, I let things back home get to me and said the wrong things to the right people.

    I am trying to re-enlist NG for many reasons, but mainly because the recruiter I am dealing with is the only one who will give me some time of day...
    I have 73 college credits and my University has an awesome ROTC program.

    The recruiter and myself discussed OCS as an option if things work out.
    So, I am posting this as a start to my journey back to green/gold because my apparent wavier packet was started last wed. Wish me luck...haven't heard anything from SFC as of today.

    Don't make multiple threads please. Thanks. -Steve
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    Re: PS trying to get've heard it all before.

    Sorry about that..

    I appreciate any feedback from people who have gone through the getting-back-in process. There is a ton of great information on this site and it inspires me to keep on keepin' on when it comes to getting back to where I want to be.
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      Re: PS trying to get've heard it all before.

      Good luck bud. Keep in mind what I sent you in PMs and be honest. I wish you luck!


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        Re: PS trying to get've heard it all before.

        Quick update. ROTC could be a no go. No decision has been made officially, but I was just e-mailed by the major who was dealing with me saying that it is doubtful that I would obtain a waiver by the cadet command. Like I said, it is not an official decision but it is an obvious indication of things to come.


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          Re: PS trying to get've heard it all before.

          Today was the first time I was in contact with my recruiter since the previous post. He insists that he sent my paperwork to MEPS but, it didn't make it to the one who says yes or no. He seems like a good guy and willing to help. I understand the work load of a recruiter so I'm not the one to call every week as some have suggested. He asked if we could meet up again to maybe resubmit any pertinent paperwork to get the ball rolling again. Hopefully, tomorrow that will happen All I have is time and patience.

          I am more than willing to travel to drill or even a recruiter who can assist me in my situation. I have residency in NJ as well as NC but, I am willing to do whatever is necessary to serve again. I guess this follow up is more of on inquiry to see what states and units are gearing up for deployment or are in need of personnel. I highly doubt the latter is an issue but its worth a shot.